Have u ever had some1 add u on heyspace and u got suuper exited and wanted 2 thank them? well, instead of boring text, you can now use these super kewl graphics! i have a few templates, just click on teh folder u want 2 view and right-click them 2 download 2 ur own computer! or, if u want 2 use them on heyspace n all, an html code will be available below it!! a link back is optional, but i'd be happy :) feel free 2 recolor them, just link back then! (also don't remove mah watermark i spent sum hourz doing dis >:/)

|Patchy |
|Phat type|

Fonts found on Fontspace
Edited on Medibang Paint Pro
Glitter made on glitterphoto.net

page layout made on sadgrl.online's layout generator S2
banner background by lu.tiny-universes.net (check it out it's such a kool website!!)
Pop-up window code by Peachie.nu (web archive)