previous layouts! i thought it was kinda kewl 2 make sumthing liek dis ^-^

The first versions are not here bc i don't have screenshot of them (╥_╥)

heavily inspired by, and REALLY glittery/rainbow-zy themed lol. took a long time 2 figure out and every page has it's own layout :)

i removed the borders and tried repositioning some stuff. i'm definetly not going to make drastic changes to the layout, yeah trust me.

Changed all the backgrounds but it's still glittery (just rlly purple lol.) Changed the scrollbars and stuff... pretty happy with it! I rate it a 3.5/5 because i still think it needs changes :) Click for the archived version!

I still didn't change the layout/general color scheme. oof. It's going ok i guess