Look whos back! i forgot about this site for a while, sorry! i started not updating because my pc was making a lawn mower sound when i tried to turn it on for a while, and i'm a coward so i just turned it off everytime it did 👍 it sometimes does that (it did it the 3 previous times i tried to turn it on before i asked for my uncle's help and it stoped LMAO) but it's working ok rn ^-^
anyways, i re-watched nge and watched the rebuilds, i liked them but tbh 3.0+1.0's ending was kind of meh. needless to say, 3.0 was my favorite lol. I've been drawing and i plan on making a comic for another omori au idea i had rhgvduyfnrgscivr
i just got out of a test week, and thankfully i got ok/good grades :) my previous tests went better, but i'm still happy
I've also been working on an omori fansite!! i'm really pleased with how the layout's coming out, i just gotta now drag myself to write the actual content 🤡
i'm also thinking of changing a bit the style of this page, and maybe re-doing the banner on the main page. anyways, see yall!

Oh, hey there!! i had a kinda meh week, but tomorrow we have a small break because of easter so i'm pretty happy! Also, i got in Silent Devotion's button wall ♥ !! how cool is that :D
Haven't finished any of my drawings, haven't started writing for nanowrimo, haven't been doing anything at all. I've been feeling really shitty these days, i hope a break can make it a bit better.
I realized i actually like roleplaying (in a non weird way ofc) and the realization is a bit weird. wow.
I don't have much to say now. I wanna do something and get any forms of sugar into my body. See y'all!

Oh my god, hi guys!!!! i'm so sorry for not updating, i've been really lazy these last few days :P
My birthday went very well, it was the best birthday i had on these last few years! i got to hang out in the mall and buy some new clothes that make me feel really pretty!!!!! also i ate fries, fried shrimp and fish lol.
I'm currently making yet another drawing of sweetheart and it's getting harder to convince myself that i hate her. I went through the humiliation of actually taking a photo of myself to use as a reference to then find one that was better. I cried internally lmao.
Thinking about making new stuff here as if i don't have 654756837463 things to do.
I wanna add more music to my mp3. I've been listening to more sped up brazilian music recently, i really recommend it!
anyways, i'll brb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GUESS WHOS GOING 2 BE 510 YEARS OLD IN 2 DAYS!!! I can't believe it passed so fast... we're not gonna do a bday party because of some family stuff but i'm actually really happy about that. I just wanted to spend my birthday doing cool stuff, yk? i'm just gonna draw, write, hang out with my grandma... it sounds pretty good tbh :)
Anyways, all of our tests finally ended and i passed in all of them >:)!!!!!!! but something kinda funny happened on the geography one tho... i didn't know one of the answers so i put a little silly note saying that i was dsperately trying to search for the answer in my brain but it wouldn't stop playing "Ai se eu te pego" but i worded it badly enough for me to be sent to the PRINCIPAl'S OFFICE because they got worried i was suffering thru something at home???? (The literal translation for the song title would be something along the lines of 'Oh i wish i could have you' but a little more sexual???? idk lol) and uh, explaining to your friends that you listen to music in your head constantly is something, now, trying to explain it to the PRINCIPAL and to the SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST without sounding like i'm insane is another thing LMAO.
Gonna do some stuff for my omori AUs, brb!! :3

GUESS WHO'S BACK AFTER OUR FIRST TEST WEEK!!! Our school decided to divide the test week into two, and happily i got good grades on the three tests we had :)
Also, about the author i commented on at 19/02 is back!!! i'm so happy... I love their fics and i'm so glad they're doing better ♥
I'm thinking of revamping some stuff on here. Maybe i'll change the blog a bit yk? I've been thinking about it for a while. Also, i think it's time i dump ALL the updates i did since last year. It'll take some time lol.

HELLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, i'm feeling WAY better!!!!!!
Anyways, school starts tomorrow again... that sucks :/
We were given an assignment to basically write an AU for alice in the wonderland, and even if i have 321214242 ideas for fics and omori AU's i have no idea what to write about it. My grandma suggested i actually fucking copy it all from the internet so i don't fail 💀
I wanna do a page talking about some stuff, it sounds fun. :)

guess who's still feeling like shit !!!!!!! im taking medicine and all, but my throat is still threatening to close the breathing gap istg.
I'm a little 2 weak 4 major updates, even if i'd like to do it. I wanna also draw and write, but i'm being held hostage by this fucking flu. I'm gonna do a bad ending sunny i swear--
When i tried to turn on my pc it made the same sound as a lawn mower and i'm a bit worried. I tried turning it off and now it's making a normal noise... oof.
In good news, at least i didn't have covid!! I did the test this morning and it was negative, i even got a free coffee!!!
I really just wanna sleep a lot, but we're having carnaval holidays here on Brazil and i DON'T wanna waste these days sleeping at normal hours. I wanna sleep late so bad uuuughghghgh
Also, why did it get so cold suddenly? maybe it's just me, but why is it cold we're in the middle of summer wtf (╥_╥)
Gonna head out and do stuff, i wanna read stuff and be warm in my bed :]
Gn 2 any1 who's reading (´ ω `♡)

Heey :D!!! sorry for not posting much, i was working on my portuguese site!!! i'm rlly proud of it, i got to test stuff and all!!! I even made a webring using webri.ng :]
Anyways, guess who got sick? My throat is in much pain, and even though talking doesn't really hurt, i just wanna be silent for a while. Yesterday was my boy Bagel's (Basil from the hit game omori) bday!!!!!!!!!! i wanted 2 finish stuff in time but i was feeling like shit. We also had a party here in my house, so my cousing and other people came here. Also, something really upsetting happened yesterday... (Tw death/suicide) i recieved an email from ao3 and i was really excited because it was a good fic i was reading and uh... it was a suicide letter. They deleted the fic, so i couldnt see what they wrote in the chapter, but they put it in the summary. It got me really upset, and i don't wanna think about it too much. I can't read that type of fanfic now, since it's gonna bring that up for me again. I have no idea if they're alright, and they also deleted their reddit account. I don't really know what to feel.
Istg being sick and the sudden cold climate in the middle of summer is getting me back to the Winter depression of 2021™ and i don't lke it lmao. Those were horrible times, man! idk which was worse, the Winter depression of 2021™ or the Almost half year depression of 2022™. It really does get better honestly, i just gotta remind myself of that because i am the proof :]
Anyways, i'm gonna get a bit ready cuz i'm gonna go 2 the hospital since my throat's killing me :) Hope i can update this site more, it's my little baby ♥

Uhh... wow. Sorry for kinda dissapearing from this site for a good while lol. I just really needed some rest because 2012 (2022) was a really tiring year. School starts 2morrow. I'm scared tbh
Good news is that i'm planning a portuguese site! (Sim curupira, você me convenceu kkkk) i'm still trying to decide on the layout, but i think i'm settling with something similar to 2005 peachie.nu (you can find it on wayback machine here :) ) but now maybe i'll do something more simple? idk i'm very indecisive LMAO
Also... oh the chaos in the omori comunity. Not gonna talk about it but i'm glad people are making those threads so small artists (like me!) can share their art! I just spent 15 minutes looking at pretty drawings and even found someone that wrote a really good fic in there! i'm glad some people r nice :)
Y'know, i always had this one teeth like, almost at the top of my mouth. It wasn't that unconfortable because i was used to the feeling. Anyways, some months ago i was told i'd have to use some kind of "elastics" so the little rebel would come down for my dentist to but the braces on it. For some reason, i never used them. Maybe for a day or two, But most of the time i didn't wear it. Well, that was until december when i suddenly had a realization that i'd have to wear braces for more time if i didn't use them so i started using them everyday, i put an alarm to remind myself about it (Yes, i forget about it sometimes and i always press the button to add 10 more minutes so i end up with the alarm suddenly playing at 1:40 AM in the kitchen) but GUYS IT'S ALMOST IN PLACE I'M SO HAPPY I CAN SEE IT ENTIRELY WITHOUT HAVING TO PUSH MY UPPER LIP UP IT SOUNDS SO SIMPLE BUT I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! MY TOOTH IS GOING BACK TO WHERE IT SHOULD BE !!!!!
Inspired by a tumblr post i saw, i'm gonna make a chocolate cake when i realize that i don't hate my body anymore. Good thing: It's starting to get better. I'm proud of myself for not doing some really stupid shit. Yippe!!!!!
Anyways, i'm gonna get my backpack ready and try to see if i can still use my closet as a hiding place lol. See ya!!

AHHH! HELLO!!! I took a little break lol. Im doing fine ig, just a little lazy to update ig lol :]
New years was great! i would pay to see my little sisters face when she saw the fireworks, she looked so cute ♥
Me and my uncle installed LED lights this morning, and even though they were expensive af and didn't even cover the whole bed area (and now i don't have more money to buy new headphones :[ ) they look good :)
I want to make brigadeiro... but like.. i gotta control myself because health and stuff.. but... brigadeiro is so good...
i want to take a nap so bad. But i know i'm gonna wake up to my sister jumping on top of me (╥﹏╥)
going to maybe make a blogger thing... for like, my personal stuff and shit. But idk how to make blogger templates AAAAAAAAAAAWHY ARE THEY SO HARDJBBUFGBNAWUTA
Nothing *that* exciting happened, but i got a little back into shifting and stuff. So yesterday i started my script and then i realized... i made my girlfriend better than me (。T ω T。) I made her so pretty and stuff after making myself uhm... yeah. Going to change a bit of myself. I just wanted to go to the beach... and have a pretty girlfriend... and two cats... maybe i'll even add my sister because i love her so much :]
Someone that followed me on twitter used my layout as a base to their site. I'm honored.
I wanna make a new button but idk what to make on it?? i don't have a plan or shit, i just wanna make it.
Ok maybe I'm going to take a 1-2hr nap because i haven't been sleeping enough. lmao. I swear i'm going to update this more! see ya l8r :P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyy i disappeared for a couple of days but i'm alive lol. Christmas was a bit boring but i got some time alone at night so that was cool. I'm working a bit more on my newer/revamped page, that's just going to be a LOT of fan sites. I'm working on a omori one called "Neighbor's room" , but i'm also planning other sites! Is it going to take a lot of time? yea. But it's gonna be worth it (i think)!
Anyways, i've been recently reading this REALLy good omori fic called 'Cullinary conversatons' and i love it. It's the same author of one of my favorite fics!!!
I'm updating this blog thru my laptop, and for some unknown reason it has no '?' key. I literally have to copy paste it. Maybe it wasnt a good idea to buy the cheapest laptop i found (at least it has a touch screen so thats cool!!) lol :)
I think i'm going to try an updating schedule, like, one day i update and the other i don't??
I kinda also want to create a blogger, like, a personal one where i just talk about my boring ahh life in portuguese to random people. I do know i wont manage that much stuff but my brain is just flooded with ideas constantly. Or it's just so empty you can hear the songs from thee start of my gacha phase LMAO
I gtg 4 now!! byee!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS YALL!!! I'm so excited :D
Yesterday i spent the day navigating the web and playing Reverie (That one omori mod :D), so i didn't update. But guess what i found? An Lg b220!!!
It has some basic functions, such as a calendar, contacts, messages, radio, one game, a lantern... Apparently you can change ur wallpaper but i have no idea how to put photos on it. And it has no chip (Is that how you say it?) so i can't send messages or recieve them (obviously). But i'm so happy i somehow found the charger!!
Anyways, anyone else going to watch the invader zim special? Im not doing any fancy recipes (Also because my grrandma is using the kitchen 2 cook so i would bother her) and probably i'm not gonna be able to do a full drawing. Also, i won't update anything in the site other than the blog :3
One day till xmas and 4 more days until this site turns 1 year old!!
I'm legit so happy ♥ Going to play 4 a while, brb!!

Wow. so i just updated this site and forgot to tell anything that had happened here LMAO
I made drastic layout changes as you can see (If ur new, there's the layout galery right there!) and i gotta say i'm pretty happy with it. is it perfect? not even close. but i really like doing this stuff.
So aparently people use html editors?? my dumbass thought almost everybody coded all that cool stuff by hand lol. It would be cool if i found one but i just use notepad/w3spaces/neocities itself to make all that crazy stuff. explains why i sometimes close the site.
These last few months have been a little tiring, and i can't even believe it's going to be xmas in 3 days!! 3 DAYS 4 SANTA TO RULE OVER THA WORLD!!! 3 days 4 membrane's least favorite holyday!!
I'm really excited :D i wish i could get that hello kitty flip phone, cuz it's so cute!!!
my fingers and neck are hurting a bit. I'm going out to get my little sister's gift, so i'm signing out by now. Brb!! 16:47 as of now :)

Heyy it's now 23:29 and i just took a shower. We bought her like, 3 gifts and i tried to buy a new mouse 4 my pc but it wouldnt work :') anyways, i changed everything on my first site, and i'm going to work on it 4 the next few days ig. Also, did u know this site's bday is on 28 dec? just a few days away! To think i made this site just because i didnt want my grandma 2 think i was doing obscene stuff... time goes by so fast, hehe. One whole year and it's still a mess (on a positive way)
Anyways, i'm going to fix some more stuff, and then gn! I hope i update the blog 2morrow :3... Drink water!!

but uh... life got a little busy ig. i started writing a fic, i focused more on drawing (my skills improved!!) and i read. a lot. mostly fanfiction LMAO
i really wanted some more motivation to update more, but for some reason i looked at the notepad app and now i wanna write html again??? oof
i had a schoo trip a week ago and it was good :) ofc dumbass me spent 65 brl in a fucking plushie (i mean... he's cute...) but it was fun!!
I have some plans to revamp the layout because why not? it's so similar to SD or to DZR so i think it's worth it, yk?
I cannot thank you guys enough for 15k views... i love y'all so much S2
So uhm, i'm gonna make more tutorials since i like to teach people and you guys seem to like it!! tysm 4 ur support, and i'm so sorry if i can't update more :')
Also, lemme reveal a secret: i was @MushManjericao all along (not that anybody really cares but eh) LMAO
Uh, ig i see u l8r!! (i hope i don't abandon this site for 2 more months T-T) ily!! Take care and drink water!!

HEYYY GUESS WHO EVAPORATED FOR A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH??/|///!!11 Im sooo sorry i was focusing more on drawing and sometimes even writing, but i forgot about this website for some time! anyways, i have now a twitter acc 4 this! i'll link it on the main page, but it's @RtnRnbw777 !!!! follow me there so u can actually check if i'm completely dead or just focusing on other stuff :)
i will definetly make more stuff 4 this site though! (...maybe after my test week lol) . I'm updating rn because i had a really bad stomach pain when i woke up so i got to skip school >:) but i'm better now, don't worry. Thx BlissNet 4 putting my button on ur site and also tysm 4 10k views!!!! ilya S2
Well, see ya later!

So uhhh i kinda have been busy procrastinating and playing omori ig. I'm gonna go back to updating after i finish it or sum, and yes i do know the whole game cuz i kinda spoiled it to myself :') but overall i rlly love it!
idk about my second website tho. i should revamp it maybe. i'll do more layouts when i actually get the motivation to do anything at all. Idk what has gotten into me but i really have been feeling numb 4 the past time. Even worse is that my grandma invalidates it sooo *insert skull emoji*
ALso, i'm so lucky that i somehow ended up with food poisoning. wow. lucky me.
I at least started a new skincare routine or wtvr, i have way less acne scars tho. good ^-^.
sincery i'm at -10 motivation 2 do anything but i know i need 2 do something T-T sjdfgvbugujsvgrh why do i gotta have a life ughghghghgfhjdfgjhcgs
anyways goodbye until idk 4 now :)

so uhhh yea i'm kinda sick rn lol, i'm coughing a lot (don't worry, i took a covid test and it came out negative =]) but i can go 2 skool 2morrow. i really should've updated this site earlier. and yes, just now, MONTHS later, i realize that i wrote 'uptade' instead of update. wtvr, i'm 2 tired 4 now. i spent the whole day on my new website, and as i've gotten sick i'm just spending the days learning some more and doing shit on the internet lol. It's so tiring but it makes me super happy ❤ i just love to see that even if i'm not 2 famous and all, it looks good :). i'm really ok with the idea of letting each page with it's random design. I absolutely LOVE to learn new things or share them with ppl, and 4 now i'm not really caring about having 238648723482 layouts that are shitty, i'm aways learning with them. I can really remember the first time i could actually target a link to a frame. it looks so silly, but i was so happy in seeing it! and i'm not really sure about making this mess less eyestraining or ugly, i still love it. Oh no i should rlly go 2 sleep lol. gn every1! i'll be sure 2 link my newest site hee with a button ❤❤❤

i'm still slightly sick but way better :) i'm thinking about a host and stuff before i ask my uncle if he can buy it cuz i don't have a credit card :')
i have many skool stuff 2 do but uh fvck it S2 i'm trying 2 do a maker!!!! a blinkie 1 this time bcz i kinda got tired over the doll 1 :| my cat is currently sitting on front of my screen. i love him sm i cant rlly se what did i type out so uh lmao d8fhshfdsdfhsudhfishf it's burning cold here tho *-* i LOVE it. oof my cat got out of the screen but still S2
also, i'm making more banners n stuff 4 my "link me" section. i'll adjust it's css l8r tho (i had fun making those banners :3)
see ya ;)

Ik it's been a long time but, these days i kinda got no motivation on making stuff, even got into a kind of depressed state, and i'm trying to put my life together again. i ***may*** have lost almost all my friends, but uh yea. i'm thinking on buying an actual domain! in case i buy it, i'm going to notify u , in there i'll make kewl stuff like graphic makerz!!! what do yall think about it?
i got a little fever for drinking cold stuff on winter but oh well lmao. also, i put braces on and i remember what hell feels like S2
also i'm 509 now!!!!! yay!!!!
feel free 2 get into my dms and ask 4 updates plz lmaolmaolmaolmao
uhh gn 4 now babiezz i lov you all S2

hiii :D i found out how 2 put midi on here so now u can just click my virtual Ipod and listen 2 musik :P
hell, i mean, skool has started a week ago , AND GUESS WHAT, MY PERIOD CAME 2DAY >:( i'm in p a i n
my irl mp4's buttons r stuck i'm sad af 4 it now ;-;
you know , you love all the lies, so don't act surprised that i just love 2 hate you S2/lyr
srsly i cannot stop listening 2 situations (it's on my virtual Ipod!)
well cya again maybe 2morrow!!! bye my babiez >:3
also thx 4 the 123 visitz!!!! i'm soo happy S2

so it turns out that hell is better with the other ppl thai i pushed into friendship lmao
but still i have some intrusive thoughts tho :/ oh well at least i can listen 2 music and daydream lmaoo
i should stop torturing my fav characters and not project but oh well-
see ya l8 babiez >:3

soooo this is the last day b4 hell (skool) begins and i though "why not uptade my site?" so here we r. thx 4 all the support , ily all S2

Gosh that was a day, i'm making the code 4 my portuguese website (wont release yet, srry!) and i'm now depressed after having my little sister spit water on my mirror again , and reading invader zim issues 1 & 2 (lmao don't ask khfhdshjdkdsfhsk). Also i'm kinda exited 4 classes 2 begin so this empty felling goes away lmaolmaolmao
also my portuguese teacher has 2 give us the prize she said she would give us ( yes i was one of the best students of hwe class >:3)
i'ts arledy day 28 and i should prob publish it. i gave some time up on the dollmaker and i got the motivation 2 draw again so that's a thing. gn raindropz n glittersparkz

rent: why tf cant i just have my anxiety go poof dissapear so i can do stuff without it why can't i just have a fucking moment of peace where i feel like everything is good and i can fucking relax for a while god idk. i gotta finish my dollmaker tho. but i'll not post it immediatly when i'm done. kay? just 4 my mental health and 4 me to make my portuguese website and configure my first one. but i'm gonna uptade this one, i love doing it S2
html/css is something i like and it gives me less stress, also why is my little sister awake at 2 am like let me have my peace moment why do i have to listen to that sound of your swing lmao. sorry for not uptading, i'm trying tho :)

Good news!! i'm better now! it was just a fever, and now i can stay in my room without my temperature going up to 38 lmao.
anyways, i'm gonna go back to my dollmaker, and also after making the dollmaker i'm planning to make a blinkie one!!
the bad news are that classes are 07/1 :( but i think i can finish it b4. also i have to stop sleeping so late but oh well. i'm gonna link some more sites and stuff... thx 4 50 visitors! pls sign the guestbook :)
i may uptade dis later but now i gotta make stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see ya later! (drink water lolololololololololol)
i made progress!!!!!!!!!! unhappily i cannot link it???????????? but ok anyways lol. i'm making pants/shorts 4 the dollmaker and really, i made 5 shorts and 5 pants for the first base , but idk why my dumbass wanted to make 2 bases??? now i have to do it 4 both lmao. anyways my grandma is making CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!

i somehow lost the second base???????? yes i am really confused and no i'm not even lying i lost it. it dissapeared from the "bases" folder i have on my computer... it's gone :|
but the good news is that now i'll make more pants and shorts lmao. The bad news is that i lost a fucking day recoloring that shit and spent around 1hour making shirts for that piece of shit. Welp.

hi raindropz and glitter sparklez... 2day i'm not that good so i wont be able to make more props 2 the dollmaker 2day..... i'll make then 2morrow tho. i'll make this quickly , i wont have da computer privilege 2day bcz yea. bye babiez, drink w a t e r
stay well raindropz and glittersparkz. i'll be better 2morrow.

SURPRISE!!!! i figured out how to make a think 2 my website , i'll reveal it soom ;)
its fucking 00:39 and i'm not sleepy bc my dumb ass wanted to drink coffee >:(
i spend 1/4 of my day daydreaming, 2/4 making code and 5/4 listening 2 music/watching vids XD
anyways it's been raining a lot recently, i'll just add the visitor counter thingy and i'll proceed 2 sleep :)
i find it so adorable that my little sister likes to make dollz S2 but it ended up on me running away from her lol. love her sm.
anyways gn my raindropz and glitter sparkles! hope u enjoy ur dayS2

HIII!!!!!! i did some site improvments, but this is a blog , not the uptades box XD
idk how , but i deleted 2 FOLDERS and went from 4,12G on the C:// drive to FUCKING 70,2G?????? LMAO WHAT TF XD
how do i even use photoshop like??? it's way harder 4 me 2 learn it... maybe because it's not really like medibang paint pro or medibang lol. i mean, the layot of medibang paint pro and photoshop r similar , buuut it's still hard lol. but yes, i do recomend using medibang bc it's:
  • WAAAAY more small file than photoshop
  • It's free lol
  • is easier 2 learn
  • acessible af (even on mobile)
anyways, i really need 2 stop procrastinatin and do smethijgn=
wtf is my writing xD
anyways gn i'll do a quick uptade on the site and then relax, gn my raindropz!! drink water!!!!

yea, basically today i uptaded about me and created the blog... nothing much tbh.
i'm kinda overwhelmed??? idk lol. but someone added me on msn :)
anyways i'm ok, i completed like, 3/5 of my tasks 2day :D
see y'all 2mmorow!!!! luv ya! (also drink water :3)