idk what to think of the new design here but i'm happy i was able to pull it off :3 (ily Asuka :D)


Ur visitor number :D

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The current mood of MusH at

This site was last uptaded in ^-^~
New front page banner!+slightly desaturated bg on main page. Now links on the sidebar display a little animation when you hover over them!
also, out of order page got a new perfectheart graphic!
I didn't put anything here since the half of last year. Here we go ig:
  • Changed main page's background;
  • New title on main page;
  • Changed background on the menus;
  • Got added to 4 new listings;
  • More sites added to the sidebar + my portuguese site!;
  • Joined 4 cliques;
  • Marquee was added hehehe;
  • Status cafe was added;
  • Added text visitor count/last update;
  • More downloads were added;
  • Added quiz results;
  • Revamped About me;
  • A single site layout (lol);
  • Revamped blinkie tutorial;
  • Added button tutorial;
  • Added menu tutorial;
  • Added sticker tutorial;
  • Added 3d glitter text tutorial;
  • Removed site names;
  • Styled scrollbar;
There's probably way more but i can't remember everything i did since then lol
Aparently i 4got i was in 2 webrings LMAO. basically added the hotline and null webrings!
also, added other visitor counter!! (but that 1 should be more accurate lol)

layout's galery;
Menu tutorial;
To-do list;
New layout on dollz;
Thx 4 the add graphics;
Site names suggestions;
More buttons of cool ppl u should check out;
Removed scemo graphics
yea, ik i didn't do much, but i'm working in a whole new website ^-^ soon enough i'll make a button and link 2 it! (also, skool and general problems.)

cleaned up the code on this page!

Winamp 2.0 page & Button tutorial, featuring xx_InvaderGamer_xx !

I'm alive! and with more updatez!
more text @ the 'about me' section;
'link me' section!;
background change on the about me section;
more buttons

Gosh! it's been 4ever since i registerd and uptade lmao XD
new pages:
Ad Graphics;
Scemo Graphics;
Blinkie Tutorial;
More buttons.
Wow. i uptade a lot XP

NEW!! dollz page , but 4 now only dollz made on other dollmakers. also more buttons to the sidebar navigation :)
soon i plan to add a playlist to rotten1rainbow508 ^^
next i'll be sure to add comments to the site!!!

Hello!! i made the about me page and now i'm going 2 start 2 work on the blog :3
i'm very happy with the results, but i have some comissions 2 do so i maybe wont uptade the site 4 a while :')

yesterday i finally got the layout right! today i added the uptade box (till now ofc)
also much credits to silent devotion! pls visit it by clicking the small signature or on the sites section!
currently i'm going to work on the about me/blog section :) it is hard but i like it ^^.

This site smells like newly bought Ty™ plushies and it tastes like birthday cake

Hey people!! I'm Mush, and i just wanna have some fun doing stuff i like ^--^
I like writing html, sometimes writing fics, drawing, making glittery graphics and procrastinating.

msn escargot:

yahoo! messenger: mushrawrxd

rainbow 🌈 not completely saturated hot pink and this desaturated purple